Choosing Your Plot

Our alternative burials do differ from traditional burials. The size of the burial plot that you choose is directly related to the native tree you plan to plant as your memory tree. The length span of the roots and the branches need to be respected in relation to other trees, and each unique tree needs the appropriate amount of space to grow and thrive.  Therefore choosing the burial plot that best suits the tree you have chosen is important. Some trees enjoy full sun, while others like the shade. 

You will be provided with a Certificate of Interment Rights for your loved one with the exact GPS coordinates, and Life Forest® Burial Plot Data is legally recorded with the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds.

The importance of latitude and longitude coordinates is that they will never change. Location of burial plots are not dependent on hand mapped cemetery records with rows and numbers that are irrelevant to real world mapping data.

The programs that we use for recording burial locations are GaiaGPS for the on-site mapping and QGIS for the post-processing.  GaiaGPS is commonly used for hiking and other outdoor activities, and QGIS is an opensource version of ArcGIS commonly used in governmental and environmental mapping communities.

The idea of the mapping is that we are taking GPS coordinates of the land boundaries and the plotting area, and determining appropriate sites for tree placement, as well as appropriate sites for community beautification (gardens, reflection areas, etc.).

Conservation trail access is preserved, which allows you to connect with nature, as well as the overall peaceful nature of the forest.

For the plotting of the burial sites, use of GPS markers allows for individuals to have an exact point for their loved one's tree, and for the program to have a way to plan what trees grow best near each other.  This also allows for proper stewardship of the Life Forest®.

Burial plots associated in QGIS are linked in a spreadsheet format, with the additional capability of linking to static hyperlinks for obituaries or memorials and photos of the loved one, if a family desires.

Use of technology is key here in aiding in the proper planning of the growth and development of the Life Forest®, and to maintain a sanctuary for years to come.

The image below shows the Life Forest® in the context of the larger Hillsborough area.  For example, two current plots are listed with the names of the deceased.

The different color circles are visual representations of the different sizes of plots.

 Small Plot (~50 sq. ft)   Medium Plot (~225 sq. ft)   Large Plot (~625 sq. ft)

 Graphic map showing the Life ForestĀ® in the context of the larger Hillsborough area.The Life Forest® Burial Plot Data is added quarterly to the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds as well as the Hillsborough NH Planning Commission.

The Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds database is a publicly searchable records database with entries recorded under the name of burial ownership as well as cremation burial and tied to the Life Forest Deed.

All names of burials as well as Interment rights are recorded and protected here. We also keep records with the town attached to our Planning Board File, under Life Forest®, located at 27 School Street in Hillsborough, NH.

We have also recorded Life Forest® burials in the Find a Grave website, for those searching for the burial spots of their relatives.

We will help you find the perfect spot for your loved one’s final resting place where you will plant their tree and bury their ashes. You will be provided with a Certificate of Interment Rights for your loved one with the exact GPS coordinates.