For Pet Owners

Pets Are Family

Share your final resting place with your pet at Life Forest.

Our pets were by our side in life, and it is by our side that they should remain. Service animals, search and rescue, police and military dogs,  therapy animals,  seizure and seeing-eye dogs, rescue cats, dogs that saved us, and more belong at our side. With our unique process that allows for future cremated remains burials, this is now possible.

The pain that we suffer with the loss of our pets is profound. Life Forest is constantly reminded just how delicate and important our mission of being buried with our pets is for so many. The gratitude that families and veterinarians show to Life Forest for offering their patients a final resting place with their family is moving for all of us.

At Life Forest we also know that many of you have held your loyal companions ashes for years. Contact us at Life Forest, and we will bury your pets ashes under a tree - where they will wait for you peacefully - in order to spend eternity with you.

Shipping Cremains

Once a burial plot has been purchased, you can ship cremains through the US Post Office using the following shipping kits. Please notify us immediately upon shipping so that we can be at the post office upon arrival to gently retrieve the cremains for burial.

Cremains are to be shipped to: Life Forest, PO Box 1821, Hillsborough, NH 03244

USPS Shipping Cremated Animal Remains

Life Forest: because People and Pets should have the right to be proudly buried together.

Contact us below and we will guide you through the next steps.