For Hospice Providers

Life Forest understands that we are a new and unique concept cemetery. Therefore, our goal is to ensure that the process for death care industry professionals is as simple as possible.

Step 1

Contact us if a family is interested in our burial services by calling 603-315-0790 or emailing us.

Step 2

A member of the Life Forest staff will work with the family to arrange for choosing their tree and burial plot location.

Step 3

The family's Funeral director or Pastor will work directly with the family to arrange for burial services if desired and will reach out to Life Forest to schedule a time and date of service.

Step 4

Payment of burial plot will be collected by a Life Forest representative or the family’s funeral service provider and paid to the Life Forest up to one week prior to burial.

The Life Forest will assist in any way possible, including picking up or shipping of cremated or composted remains, storage of cremated or composted remains until burial, as well as providing marketing information to support Hospice Providers in education to families about the Life Forest.

Contact us and we will guide you through the next steps.