My mind is at ease knowing that my great grandchildren will know exactly where my final resting place is, and that through mother nature they will still be able to hug me and feel my presence and love for them.

About Life Forest

The concept for Life Forest was born out of a love for my mother Elise.

In the summer of 1984, I was a child living in Lawrence, MA. Riots had broken out in the streets and my mother would take my little brother and I to the cemetery so we could be outside but still be safe. I hated the cemetery, and when I explained how scary and sad I thought it was, my mother’s response was, “do not be scared sweetheart, someday I will die and become a tree.”

Of course I thought, ‘well that is ridiculous…’

My mother Elise raised us with a gentle kindness and gave me the gift of a childhood full of simple and creative adventures.
Elise endured a heart wrenching 10 year battle with early onset Alzheimer’s.

Although we had a decade long illness to make plans for her burial when she passed; we didn't.

Although our hearts understood what the future held, the conversation felt too heavy. There were a few things that I did know, I knew she wanted to be cremated. I knew she wanted to be buried and recorded with the infant son she lost.  She knew that may be impossible, therefore she requested that all of his earthly items be cremated with her.

After my mother’s passing on a chilly September morning in a Starbucks parking lot, my aunt handed me a large cardboard box in a white paper bag containing "half" of the ashes of my mother.

I drove home, placed the bag gently in my china cabinet - and left her there.
I promised my mother I would be providing her with a beautiful final resting place, but September quickly turned to winter and somehow grief can render us useless.

One day I saw an advertisement for a special burial urn that you could plant a tree inside. This concept brought me back to my mother’s childhood statement to me, “do not be scared sweetheart, someday I will die and become a tree.”

The problem was that a protected space for my mother’s tree did not exist. I wanted a cemetery burial for her, but there was no such thing as a cemetery that recorded burials and planted and tended to the trees that were growing above our loved ones.

Hence, the concept of Life Forest Cemetery began...