My mind is at ease knowing that my great-grandchildren will know exactly where my final resting place is and that through mother nature they will still be able to hug me and feel my presence and love for them.

 Life Forest

“Someday I will die and become a tree.”

When we were young my brother and I used to take walks with my mother in our town cemetery. We thought it was a bit spooky but she assured us that it was a safe and quiet space where memories of people live on. “Nothing lives forever,” she would say.  “Someday I will die and become a tree.”  

That is how Life Forest came to be. 

My mother Elise, youngest of 5 children, was a caring, loving woman who lived passionately for others and tightly wrapped her arms around her family and friends. She shined. Her sparkle was dimmed by Alzheimer's during the last years of her life. She had a knowing that things were changing. She would remember our  walks in the town cemetery and would say to me:  

“My mind will be at ease knowing that when I am gone my family and friends will always be able to find me - in nature - under my special tree that will be huggable and lovingly cared for. It will be a beautiful place for the people I loved to stop and remember.”   

Elise always had a vision. 

Born out of the love for my mother, I created  Life Forest - where memories and nature live on.