Frequently Asked Questions


How old are the trees when you put them into the ground? Is it from seed or sappling or an actual mature tree that is placed on top of my cremated ashes or composted remains? 

We only plant mature trees, young sappling and seeds have a much less chance of survival.  Consider it a 'teenage' aged tree.

Do you offer fruit trees? If not, why not? 

We are happy to accomodate any tree that you feel suits you best. Fruit trees however, need to be planted close to one another in order to actually produce an edible fruit.  So this may be a nice option if you wanted to create a 'family alcove'. Otherwise, a fruit tree is ornamental, which is ok too! The other thing to consider is that we have deer, moose and the occasional brown bear that enjoy the forest. They may choose to nibble on your fruit... and there is not much we can do about that if they do.

How about maintenance, watering, pruning and upkeep of the tree? 

We have an onsite groundskeeper that waters the trees.  Pruning and direct maintenance of the tree is performed only by our Tree Doctor Theresa as well as Darren the owner of the tree nursery we use. 

What happens if the tree dies? 

If your tree dies within the first 5 years of planting we will replace it, of course we see signs of planting stress much sooner than that - so if your tree is not thriving we work with you to decide if you would like the tree replaced sooner.  As you are aware - someday all trees will die. When that stage of life happens for your tree, then your beneficiary has the rights to replace it with the same type of tree.

How Does Life Forest Protect Your Burial Trees from Alkaline within Ash Cremains? 

We bury ash cremains 18 inches below the root ball of the freshly planted tree and add 4 cu feet of rich compost material as a growth buffer. Due to the fact that tree roots grow side to side, not downwards, the 18 inch buffer of nutrient rich soil renders cremains harmless to your memorial tree. The rich compost material that we use is created by Darrin, our tree expert, and owner of StoneFalls Gardens.

What type of biodegradable Urns do you offer?

We searched out a biodegradable urn option that would nourish the memorial tree as it biodegraded. The answer came in the form of wool. Wool in fact, upon biodegrading, becomes a natural rich compost for the burial tree, releasing sulphur, nitrogen and magnesium.

We offer a beautiful wool burial shroud, created for Life Forest by We can work with you and Last Dance Shrouds to create a beautiful wool cremation burial shroud, we can even utilize personal wool items such as blankets and clothing made of 100 percent wool. In essence, wrapping your loved one in the comfort of their own belongings.

Fees & Pricing

How much does it cost to purchase a burial plot before I die? 

You can purchase a pre-need burial spot at the same exact rates that we sell the immediate need burial plots. Pre need burial plots are a wonderful way to make sure that your family knows exactly where you would like to be. When someone purchases a pre-need burial plot they receive a legal document which they can place with their trust lawyer. The document is called a Certificate of Interment Rights. It is the same exact approach traditional cemeteries use. We wanted to ensure that people were legally protected, and the best way to make sure that they were was to follow cemetery law. Your pre-need plot is also deed-recorded with your name as owner of that plot - and that plot is defined and recorded in real world latitude and longitude coordinates so there will never be a mistake of where that exact spot is. We did not want to rely on antiquated hand drawn cemetery maps. Also, we place a post and marker in the pre-need spot that you purchase. It states that you own that spot, what the exact coordinates are (just in case ANYONE ever moves that post we know exactly where it should be), as well as a QR Code that links to a cause that you are passionate about. We also make sure that your beneficiary is listed on the deed record, so whomever you wish to join you can.

Do I have to pay the full price upfront? 

Yes. However, if cost is an issue we do work with people to divide up the payments. However, the deeded plot record will not be chosen or assigned until full payment is made.

Is there a yearly land tax or Government tax? 

Life Forest is responsible for the yearly property tax. That expense is built into our pricing. No one wants any extra cost surprises, that is unfair.


Land & Legal

Who owns the land once I buy a burial plot? 

The land is owned by Life Forest, your plot is recorded on our deed as owned by you.

How many years do I own my burial plot? 

Once you purchase the plot we record the exact burial coordinates as well as who is buried within those coordinates and who owns the spot. That plot belongs to you and after you pass, then the plot is passed on to your named beneficiary.  Your named beneficiary is also deed recorded. That spot is yours forever.

Can families reserve entire burial plots together? 

Absolutely! That is the idea! You can purchase a large tree to allow several family members to be together, or we can help you to create an 'alcove' of trees where families can be buried beside one another. The choice is personal and there is no wrong answer.

Can I pick on a map of the property where I can go?

Within guided reason, yes absolutely.  We have an area that many of our pre-need burial plots are being chosen. We also have the current burial area. We are working within those two areas of the property now. We also must work to ensure the area of land you have chosen is right for the type of tree in which you would like to grow. We will test the soil of the spot you choose to make sure. If additional nutrients are necessary we will ensure that is documented to be added to your tree upon planting.

What can I do on my burial plot? Can I build a wall? Can I erect a fence? Can I place a bench? Can I put a hanging swing on my tree? 

We provide you with all rules and regulations, they are simple, but important.  Life Forest strives to be and grow into a natural living forest. For the enjoyment of all we do not allow items such as garden gnomes, etc.  Building a wall or a fence would not fit well in a natural forest. We strive to be reasonable, however, we also ensure that we adhere to the mission of creating a natural sacred space that all can enjoy. 

Is the deeded lot a government deed or a private issued deed? 

The plots are recorded as an addendum to the land deed, showing ownership. They are not separate deeds created. See Burial Plot Data Sheet.

Who will take care of the trees for the next 100 years and what is the incentive to do so? The Life Forest Trails Commission will be taking over the maintenance as we move towards different burial areas. Their incentive is working towards environmental studies college credits.

The Trails Commission is run and managed by graduate students of environmental studies. Others who have a passion to do so may also volunteer. Each term commitment is 5 years.

Is there a yearly maintenance fee? 


How many years will you be guaranteeing the management and maintainence of the land? 

We are growing the forest in approximate 1 acre sections.  We are focusing on each of these sections, ensuring their success prior to moving onto the next section. Once we are certain that the burial area has grown successfully and all of the trees are thriving - then we will move into the next burial phase area. We are not aiming for this to be grown into a groomed English Garden style space. We are aiming for a natural forest. We have a Trails Commission who takes on all future maintenance of ensuring that the burial trees are always accessible and that invasive species do not move in. The Trails Commision is run and managed by graduate students of environmental studies. Others who have a passion to do so may also volunteer. Each term commitment is 5 years.