"Many of my clients express wishing there was some other way to honor, memorialize, and visit final resting places. Many keep ashes home and move them around, wondering what to do. Life Forest is a beautiful solution, providing sustainable, scenic, rejuvenating resting places that also give back the energy of that lost loved one to the new life born from the ashes. I believe it will bring great comfort and healing for many people, generations to come; as well as heal our Earth with the new growth of trees and flowers."

Catherine McManus, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

"As a long-time manager of a natural foods store, I make every effort to reduce my impact on the environment. I am constantly forced to think of ways to improve the health of not only myself but my customers, but what happens after I am gone? Life Forest allows me to continue my personal legacy of health and wellness after I pass."

Kelly McGovern General Manager Lois’ Natural Marketplace

"When I found Life Forest it seemed so perfect for me. It was perfect for my goals, it was perfect for my values, and it was perfect for my final resting place."

Kate Waldo, Senior National Director of Recreation and Guest Services of Genesis Healthcare.

"As a little girl growing up in New Hampshire, I would spend hours exploring the nature around me. Every day playing in the woods was a new adventure. Life Forest is my destination for life adventure to continue. A beautiful space in my native state where my friends and family can join me in discovering the beautiful nature around us once again after we pass."

Amy Sturtevant Lopez, Grade School Art Teacher

"As a veterinary professional, I experience, first hand, the love between pets and their human companions. I also treat my pets like family, which is why I am excited that Life Forest is an option for myself, my clients, and our beloved pets to share our final resting place."

Jenna Murray, Veterinary Technician Specialist, Anesthesia and Analgesia

"At Life Forest, my Arianna finally has a beautiful place to rest in peace."

Stacy Adams, Arianna's mother

"In this world where state parks and national forests are not guaranteed, we need to find a way to protect our environment and natural resources, and Life Forest does this."

Kate Waldo, Senior National Director of Recreation and Guest Services of Genesis Healthcare.