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Life Forest is a Non-Profit Conservation Cemetery

We hold a profound belief that connecting with nature is not just an experience but also a source of healing. Life Forest is not a traditional cemetery—it's a sanctuary for celebrating life and eternal rest. 
As leaders in our field, we set the standard for eco-friendly practices in conservation burials, providing recorded GPS-mapped deeded rights to each burial plot, and offering legal protection under cemetery law.


    An Environmentally Friendly, More Affordable, and Inclusive Alternative to Traditional Burial

Life Forest provides burial plots for composted or cremated remains, and replaces headstones with trees. Grow a beautiful living memorial for your loved one within a peaceful vibrant forest.


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 Holding a Loved One's Ashes

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There are many reasons why people choose Life Forest to ensure their legacy and commitment to the conservation and preservation of our forests: 

• You want to bury more than one loved one or be buried with a pet.

• You do not own land where you can memorialize your loved one.

• You love nature and want to ensure a safe place where you will be memorialized.

• We can arrange for the transportation of ashes anywhere in the U.S.

• A reliable, easy-to-work-with organization that provides quality and value.

Life Forest holds intellectual property rights on our concept, practices, and terminology. 

If you are interested in adopting any of our cemetery practices for your own cemetery, please contact us at Intellectual Property Inquiry.

Life Forest is a registered trademark and all of Life Forest's intellectual property rights are listed here, Life Forest Registered Trademark.

You can find a list of Life Forest Copyrights here, Life Forest CopyrightsLife Forest Copyrights Cont.

Please do not use our intellectual property and copyrighted material without written permission from Life Forest.


What People Are Saying


Many clients express wishing there was some other way to honor, memorialize, and visit final resting places. Many keep ashes home and move them around, wondering what to do. Life Forest offers a beautiful solution. – Catherine McManus, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker


"Life Forest has already demonstrated they excel at the most important part of being a cemetery-keeper, holding the space and holding the bereaved."

-Corinne Elicone, Mount Auburn Cemetery's first female crematory operator in their near 190 year history


"Even when I Pass My Granchildren Can Still Hug Me"

-Mary Bean