For pet owners

The loss of a beloved pet is difficult and complex.

It is family that is at the heart of everything we do. For that reason, we include pets in the same plots as their human parents, and we celebrate all family members with dignity and perpetual care.

At Life Forest we will work directly with your veterinarian to assist in the retrieval of cremated remains or composted remains. Families are welcome to host a burial service for their beloved pet. The burial plot for their pet is the same in which the human companions will share at the end of their lives. There is no difference between how we revere pet remains and humans; all the information on this website is considered the same for people and pets. Pet's names are also documented with the Registry of Deeds along with their human family members.

As a veterinary professional, I experience, first hand, the love between pets and their human companions. I also treat my pets like family, which is why I am excited that Life Forest is an option for myself, my clients, and our beloved pets to share our final resting place.”

Jenna Murray, Veterinary Technician Specialist, Anesthesia and Analgesia

Life Forest has partnered with the organization The Center for Pet Loss Grief, LLC

Did you know that there was education and support available for you as well? We encourage you to learn about the extensive offerings geared to veterinary professionals with Pet Professional Grief Support.

Special Consideration for Large Animals Such as Horses

During the difficult process of euthanasia, Life Forest can help to coordinate transportation for a beloved horse to the crematorium or composting service provider and subsequently to the burial plot at Life Forest. We will work with you to arrange a memorial or burial service for the family if desired.

Life Forest: because People and Pets should have the right to be buried together.