Memorial Markers

The memorial markers designed for Life Forest by fine artist Christina Pitsch are a beautiful work of art. We asked Christina to create something that looked delicate, but would also stand the tests of mother nature and time, and she produced for the Life Forest Community an outstanding result.

Life Forest memorial markers are cut from a continuous piece of 1/4" T316 Stainless Steel for resilience, longevity and low maintenance. The memorial markers were also thoughtfully designed to stand proudly 18" from ground in order to sit above grasses and ground cover. The celebration of native birds perched proudly on the memorial marker is the perfect compliment to your Life Forest memorial tree. Markers can combine information for several burials, and are produced with both people and pets in mind. Current Memorial Marker Designs.

The purchase of a memorial marker is not required, and is a separate purchase from your burial plot. Each marker is fabricated and engraved especially for your loved one and has a few weeks turn around time for production. The cost of the completed marker with engraving is $600. 

If you are interested in ordering a memorial marker, please reach out to us here and we will facilitate the production of your personalized memorial marker. 

A photo example of how Elise's beloved cat Tommy was memorialized with her on her burial marker is shown here, as well as the specifications for memorial marker production.

Life Forest understands the importance of mementos to the bereaved. To balance best practices with respect to the natural state of the forest, as well as the traditional gifts that are often placed on burial plots, we have designed a shared approach to memento placement. Life Forest allows families to place small items at the base of their burial trees for healing and celebration of their loved one’s, then after a respectable amount of time, Life Forest will place these heartfelt memorial objects along the memorial fence for all of our Life Forest Community to appreciate.



Photo of Christina, our memorial marker artist.Our Memorial Marker Artist

Receiving her MFA from The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, Christina is a fine artist who specializes in mixed media art working in installation, sculpture, and printmaking.

“When I was approached to design markers for Life Forest I wanted to create something as unique and special as the idea of the Life Forest, celebrating life and nature. The goal was to create a memorial that would focus on remembrance and the serenity of the naturalistic location. Inspired by a robin that came to visit during my own grandfather’s burial I focused on birds native to the area that would ultimately live in consort with the planted trees. The markers are intended to be more like that which one would see in an arboretum rather than a traditional cemetery, another indication that this is a new space for remembering our loved ones.”