We have several different options to suit different budgets

Memorial Tree Burial Plots

Our pricing is all-inclusive and the cost of our Memorial Tree Burial Plots are directly related to the amount of space necessary for your tree to properly grow.

Burial plots in the Arboretum are 7 'x 7' (49 sq. feet) plots are $4,000.

Arch Ornamental Garden 7' x 7' (49 sq. feet) plots are $5,000.

Evergreen Memorial Preserve 7' x 7' (49 sq. feet) plots are $5,000.

Our Most Significant Offering Available in Select Locations 15' x 15' (225 sq. feet) plots are $8,000.

We offer many tree options as we understand that honoring a loved one is a personal and important decision.

Included with your Memorial Tree Burial Plot:

Please review this section carefully. All the following are included with your purchase. Life Forest not only offers a beautiful choice for a final resting place but it also strives to be competitive in its pricing.

  • Private burial plot or pre-need burial rights

  • A deed recorded burial plot which also records the names of the deceased as well as the beneficiary rights to the burial plot

  • Multiple ash or compost burials under the same 'family tree' (people and pets) (no extra fee)

  • Exact GPS coordinates recording with burial plots

  • Storage of cremated or composted remains until burial

  • A biodegradable urn or shroud for ash remains

  • Metal name tag for burial

  • A mature Memorial Tree

  • Care for your Memorial Tree

  • A celebration of life post on Life Forest's social media platform

  • A QR code marker linked to a URL of your choice

  • Soil testing and soil nutrient amendments

  • Voluntary gatherings with other members of the Life Forest community for emotional support

  • Optional-available for an additional fee: Custom-made memorial marker

  • Memorial trees are not included in the cost of pre-need plot purchases.  A $125 tree credit will be allotted. For immediate need purchases, the cost of the tree is included in the listed pricing. 

Woodland Trail Burial

Our most natural offering. A plot in a natural wooded area located on a footpath adjacent to the walking trail. This plot allows for as many burials as needed in one opening. No Memorial Markers and/or Sculptures are available on the Woodland Trail. Memorial plantings per approval of Life Forest staff.

A Woodland Trail Burial Plot is 3 x 3 (9 sq. feet) plots are $2,500.

Single Ash Burial

The initial offering at Life Forest is a Single Ash Burial, which is popular for those who may have kept a loved one's ashes at home and are now looking for a peaceful and tranquil final resting place.

A single cremation or composted remains grave (sold per person or pet) provides natural, in-ground burial in a spot chosen by Life Forest burial staff in a shared place of memorialization. A general coordinate for the location will be assigned. 

Single Ash Burial $1,250.

Inquire About Life Forest's Respectful Collection of Your Loved One's Ashes.
Came across Life Forest while looking for options for my dad's remains. Although I wasn't able to physically go there, I highly recommend Life Forest to anyone looking to have their final resting place in a peaceful loving environment.  David K. Life Forest 2021

Memorial Service Fee: 

Weekday Service: $300 - 2 hour bracket

Weekend Service: $500 - 2 hour bracket