How It Works

We invite you to grow a beautiful living memorial.

At Life Forest®, your loved one’s remains are interred with the planting of a tree so that your loved one joins the tree in a living memorial within a peaceful vibrant forest.

We are here to guide you through each step of our simple process.

As a Conservation Cemetery with a green approach to burial, we invite you to grow a beautiful memorial tree in our Forest Cemetery. We will guide you through our simple process, plant your tree, and bury your loved one’s cremated or composted remains in Life Forest®.

Step 1 – Choose your memorial tree.

We have many unique options as shape, variety, and color may all hold different meanings unique to your loved one’s life.

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Step 2 – Choose your plot.

We will help you find the perfect spot for your loved one’s final resting place where you will plant their tree and bury their ashes or composted remains.

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Step 3 – Bury your loved one and plant the tree.

If you are local to the area, or are willing to travel, we  encourage you to inter your loved one with  a burial or committal service at Life Forest®. You may also want to hold a celebration of your loved one’s life on our beautiful grounds. If you are not able to travel, we are happy to take care of planting your tree and the burial of your loved one’s remains for you in a respectful and honorable way. Please communicate with us or your Funeral Director as to how you would like to handle this important step.

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Step 4 – Visit your loved one.

We invite you to visit your loved one’s tree and to stroll through Life Forest® to experience quiet moments of reflection throughout the property. Life Forest® is a peaceful spot located in a beautiful and natural area; we encourage you to explore the nearby protected lands to enjoy the many outdoor activities that are available including hiking, biking, fishing, and more.

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