Want to Become a Tree Upon Your Passing? You Can!

Pre-need Burial plots: Plant your cremated remains with a beautiful tree to transform your ashes into a living memorial

Recycle yourself.

After your life has ended, give back to the earth by providing nourishment and new life to a beautiful Memorial Tree.  Life Forest provides a sacred and divine location to complete the cycle of life and pass on the infinite energy of your life into the beauty of a serene forest.

"The wheel turns ever, and what came out of the earth, returns to it now in peace."  Mark Belletini.

Choose a greener option.

Our planet is running out of burial space. As a society, it is imperative that we adapt new methods for dealing with human remains that minimize the negative environmental effects of traditional burial processes by forgoing embalming and concrete vaults, rethinking burial containers, and protecting natural habitat.

Cremated remains utilize much less physical space than a full body burial. Despite the fact that the process of cremation releases carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals into the environment many people choose to be cremated, in fact, cremation rates outnumber full body burials. There are crematoriums that offer a more earth friendly approach to cremation through donations towards offsetting the carbon footprint in which is a result of the cremation process. We realize these donations may be hard to quantify, but it is respected that an effort is made. However, with the burial option of Life Forest and according to the Arbor Day Foundation, “A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.”

How Does Life Forest Protect Your Burial Trees from Alkaline? 

We also feel it is important to note that cremains contain a high alkaline content, which creates a ‘salty’ soil that is not good for trees and plants. There are companies that offer proprietary products that claim to offset these high levels. Since we were not supplied with an ‘ingredients’ list due to the proprietary nature of the products we chose to have them tested. The results of these tests left us feeling unsure, therefore, we turned to the Department of Environmental Services (DES). We learned that the high levels of alkaline actually diminish over the time span of three years. Therefore, we searched out a biodegradable alternative that would encapsulate the cremains for the span of three to five years. The answer came in the form of sheeps wool. Wool in fact, upon biodegrading, becomes a natural rich compost for the burial tree, releasing sulphur, nitrogen and magnesium.

However, the wool needed to be quite thick (thin layers of wool would biodegrade too quickly)… in fact, our encapsulation method needed to be at least the thickness of 3 layers of a thick knitted wool sock. Therefore, all of our cremains are wrapped in three layers of 100 percent wool prior to being placed in a wicker or bamboo urn. We also bury these cremains several feet below the root ball of the freshly planted tree - and add 4 cu feet of rich compost material created by Darren, our tree expert and owner of StoneFalls Gardens

We also offer a beautiful wool burial shroud, created for Life Forest by lastdanceshrouds.com We can work with you and Last Dance Shrouds to create a beautiful wool cremation burial shroud, we can even utilize personal wool items such as blankets and clothing made of 100 percent wool. In essence, wrapping your loved one in the comfort of their own belongings.

Support future generations

With Life Forest, it is now possible to use your passing as an opportunity to restore and preserve habitat. By choosing to plant a tree commemorating yourself or a loved one at Life Forest, you can help create a forest habitat that changes with the passing of each season; supporting life and providing clean air for generations to come.  With Life Forest you can plant your remains and grow a legacy.

We invite you to grow into a beautiful living memorial.

At Life Forest, your remains are interred with the planting of your memorial tree, to allow you to join the tree in a living memorial within a peaceful vibrant forest.

We are here to guide you through each step of our simple process.


Step 1 – Choose your memorial tree.

We have many unique options as shape, variety, and color may all hold different meanings unique to your loved one’s life.

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Step 2 – Choose your plot.

We will help you find the perfect spot for your loved one’s final resting place where you will plant their tree and intern their ashes.

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Step 3 – Burial and tree planting.

When the time comes, if your loved ones are local to the area or are willing to travel, The Life Forest encourages holding a burial or committal service at the Life Forest. You may also want to arrange for a celebration of your life to be held on the beautiful grounds. If your loved ones are not able to travel, we are happy to take care of planting your tree and the internment of your remains in a respectful and honorable way. Please communicate with us or your Funeral Director on how you would like to handle this important step.

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Step 4 – Visiting your tree.

We invite your loved ones to visit your memorial tree and to stroll through the Life Forest to experience quiet moments of reflection scattered throughout the property. The Life Forest is a peaceful spot located in a beautiful and natural area. We encourage the exploration of the nearby protected lands and the enjoyment of the many outdoor activities that are available nearby including hiking, fishing, biking, and more.

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