Our Community

"We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." - Aldo Leopold

At Life Forest we believe that nature is a source of healing. However, we also believe that healing requires much more than a beautiful and natural environment.  What we embrace at Life Forest is a concept that is much bigger than simply you or me, we know that it requires 'us'. We lean on each other for thoughtful interactions. A simple hello and a how are you doing matters in times of loss. Knowing that there are others who have suffered the devastating loss of a loved one nearby when needed is important. 

We have formed a Life Forest Community of support. We offer voluntary meetings where we can gather, connect with nature, and talk as friends. We listen to the needs and desires of our community for the betterment and constant growth of Life Forest. We host public events such as children's book readings and acoustical music series to the general public, welcoming others under our umbrella of hope.

We are non-denominational, people of all faiths are welcome.

If you are suffering, and need one on one emotional support, we highly recommend Well-Being Coach Dina Stander. She is an extraordinary human being with a calming presence and in-depth knowledge about end of life care. We have worked with Dina ourselves, and trust her to support you as well.

Pet Grief Support: If you just got devastating news that your pet is terminally ill or your pet has died, Center for Pet Loss Grief, LLC can help your aching heart. Never feel alone with your loss . . . there is support for you that is compassionate, safe, and confidential.

To learn more about the rules and regulations of Life Forest, click here for a downloadable PDF. 

Welcome to the Life Forest Community. We appreciate you.

Host an Event

As a Member of the Life Forest Community your shared love and honor of this beautiful forest is yours to book for personal and family events. You may choose to host a fundraiser, or birthday party, a wedding, or family reunion, booking Life Forest is free and only available to members of the Life Forest Community.

We also host public Family and Friends events such as acoustical concerts, children's book reading events, and more.

Members of the Life Forest Community can click here to email us and reserve event time.