Burying Your Loved One and Planting the Tree

We encourage you to hold a planting ceremony or committal service at Life Forest to celebrate your loved one’s life. However, if you are not able to travel, we are happy to take care of planting and burial for you in a respectful and honorable way. We are able to reverentially handle the collection of your cremated remains with our shipping, delivery, and pick up services. Please connect with us to arrange how you would like to handle this important step.

If you choose to have a burial service to commemorate your loved one’s life, Life Forest will provide bench seating and urn setup. We do not include flowers for the service. Also, there is a nominal fee to cover the cost of staff and setup.

*There is no fee for burial if no burial service takes place.

Burial Plot GPS Data

To ensure you will always be able to locate and share the location of your loved ones memorial tree with others, you will be provided with a Certificate of Interment Rights with the exact GPS coordinates legally recorded to the Life Forest Deed. (We are currently the only organization we know of who are doing this). In addition, your loved ones memorial tree is legally defined as a burial monument and as such has legal protections.


Photo of a burial plot QR code marker.Burial Plot QR Code

If desired, a QR Code marker can be added to your plot. This marker will link to a webpage of your choosing. It can be a memorial page with details about your loved one, or a page to donate to a charity your loved one supported, or anything else you would like to link to. Visitors to your loved ones memorial tree will be able to use their cell phones to access the website when they visit the site.


Burial Resources

Specific resources to help you arrange for and plan for your unique ceremony are listed below.


You will want to identify a burial Officiant and / or Celebrant to speak on behalf of your loved one’s life. A Life Forest team member will meet your Officiant prior to the service to help prepare, and the burial and planting of the tree will be respectfully performed by Life Forest team members and the attendees will be more than welcome to stay or even assist in the tree planting process if they wish.

To find an officiant locally, we recommend the following: